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About CGM

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About CGM

Chang Gung Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (CGM) is a business expansion of Chang Gung Medical Foundation as well as a relative enterprise to Formosa Plastics Group. In 2007, CGM Started expanding from high-end hospital equipments into the field of Medical Imaging and Physiological Monitoring System.

Therefore, nowadays CGM has been specializing in hospital equipments, such as Hospital Beds, Stretchers, Pediatric Beds, E-carts, Medication Carts, Ward Furniture and etc.. Also CGM product lines have been stretching into medical diagnostic and monitoring devices, such as Doppler Ultrasound System, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor, POCT Blood Glucose Monitoring system, Dental Implant and so on.

With our group of well-established enterprise resources and medical background, it leads CGM to an outstanding and responsible manufacturer as well as a service provider...

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